Nothing’s Permanent

When I first moved to Sacramento fifteen years ago, The Downtown Plaza was still thriving. As the 2000s went on, neighboring cities like Roseville developed massive swaths of land, drawing attention away from Downtown. It slowly receded into dishevelment and many businesses closed. In the 2010s, new businesses opened up Downtown, and this year marked the groundbreaking of a new arena Downtown for our NBA team, the Kings.

Over the course of fifteen years, this area went from boom to bust and is solidly on the road back to boom.

Nothing is permanent. Everything changes.

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The Real Foundation of Your Success

If you study the most successful people in any industry, you’ll notice that they are incredibly driven, and work exceedingly hard. But one common trait in these entrepreneurs seems to get glossed over. I’ve noticed that these top performers also know when to step away from work and spend time building their relationships.

The most successful people (at least the ones I admire) define their success not only by their career accomplishments, but define their success primarily by their relationships with their family.

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Why I Ask Questions Before Taking New Projects

There are a lot of developers, studios, firms, and agencies out there. Each one of these has a client onboarding process, and each of those is a bit different.

Some developers don’t ask many questions when they take on new clients or new projects. I do ask questions before I consider starting a new client project. Here’s why that’s good for you.

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