Embracing the Struggle

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely a business owner or entrepreneur. You are following your dream, trying to do something you love and excel at. You care about your craft. You know most of your customers by name. You are an active and vital part of your community.

Running a business is hard work. Definitely one of the hardest things you’ve ever done. You’ve gone all in on making this succeed, because that’s how much you believe in yourself. You know you’re providing your customers something that makes their daily lives a bit better. Your product is something people want and they are willing to pay for on a regular basis.

Your business is growing, but slower than you would like. Dealing with the minutiae of business stuff leaves you tired sometimes, but you’re always ready the next day, because this is the work you were called to do. You’re embracing the struggle, even when it’s a bittersweet ride.

I know how you feel. I’ve stood in the same spot myself. Creating something out of nothing is an amazing feeling. Like you, I used to work for others, but moved forward into carving out a job for myself. I commend you for creating jobs for others; I believe that’s where the future of our economy lies.

You’ve put years into becoming excellent at what you do; you’re a downright craftsperson. You chase the hustle. You embrace the grind daily. You’re laying the foundation for the rest of your life, brick by brick. The one thing that you need help with is getting the word out to the rest of the community and letting them know how amazing your product is.

Maybe you have a Facebook Page, or even a website, but you’re certain more people would find you and fall in love with your product if they knew more about it. I have utter respect for your commitment to quality. That’s why I’d like to help you tell your story and let people know what they’re looking for is waiting for them nearby.

We come from the same roots. That’s why I promise to keep things real and talk to you like a friend and neighbor. I want to see you succeed, and if we work together, I will do everything I can to make sure you’re popping champagne corks in the near future. Quitting midway through the journey is not what you’re about. We are people who are all in it to win it, for family, passion, craft and pride.

If you’ve read this far, I would love to hear how you are embracing the struggle of building your business. What things are your greatest challenges? What things keep you encouraged?

Author: John Locke

SEO consultant for manufacturing and industrial companies.