Why I’m Rejecting The Scarcity Mindset

What you believe, is what you become.

If you believe you have nothing or you always are in need, then that will be your future.

And everything that you do—your actions and deeds will reflect that.

The scarcity mindset reflects a belief that your circumstances cannot improve.

It stifles action against making things happen for yourself.

Scarcity is a mindset that breeds ever-increasing futility.

I choose to believe that my actions are not futile, but they point toward a future that I am creating day by day.

The people that I choose to work with—they also believe that their actions have significance.

You create your reality.

This is a difficult thought for many people to handle.

This goes against everything that many people believe.

Some believe their life is governed by destiny or fate or cosmic balance.

Or they may wait for the Deity of their choice to rubber stamp their path before embarking on it.

While I am a very philosophical and metaphysical person also, I believe that your destiny is shaped by intention.

I’m not a Calvinist, I do not believe in predestination.

Like the song says, no one’s going to tell you when to run—
so don’t miss the starting gun.

The future is always unwritten.

You are creating it day by day.

I think this responsibility is a frightening thought for the majority of people.

It means that luck is meaningless and imaginary.

There is only intention and the opportunity you create for yourself.

The opposite of the scarcity mindset is the abundance mindset.

If faith is the belief in things hoped for but unseen, then the abundance mindset is strikingly similar.

Your words have power.

Is it merely coincidence that every major religion and culture has a creation story in which the Universe came into being by the spoken word?

I believe this is not a coincidence, but rather pointing toward the hidden truth standing in front of us.

It is not just the words of our respective gods that have power, it is our own words that create our circumstances and our reality.

I have often heard it said that the measure of your character is not your circumstances, but rather your reaction to your circumstances.

It is true, at various points my life I have had both abundance and the lack of abundance, both spiritually and materially.

At this stage of my life I am choosing to believe in myself and in my ability to create a future for myself—out of thin air if need be.

Rather than wait for things to get better on their own, I choose to show my belief in abundance by acting as if that abundance is already here.

Similarly, those who have a scarcity mindset live their life—and act out every day as if that abundance is never going to arrive for them.

This creates fear, anxiety, and desperation.

This is not something that I want for myself.

I want to live up to my goals, not down to my means.

Will I realize every single goal that I set for myself?

Time will tell.

But if you do not dare to believe in your dreams, it is a guarantee you will never achieve them.

Author: John Locke

SEO consultant for manufacturing and industrial companies.