Legacy Matters

All of us have a limited time on this planet, but more than enough time to leave some sort of mark. Legacy matters to me, because I want my life to have some sort of meaning.

Healthy, honest relationships seem to be the foundation for everything fruitful. I’d like to nurture more of those. They are not always easy, and not possible with every single person we meet, but gratifying when they occur. Our experiences are one way we ripple out into the world, farther than we can see.

Our work can be meaningful, if we allow it to be. I’d like the work I do to have an impact on the people I do it for. This is another way we can affect the larger world.

The respect of our industry peers can be satisfying. Some of us have a hunger to become great—but not everyone can or will get to a point where they are satisfied with what they’ve accomplished. If I do good and meaningful work, and my clients and peers recognize that, most of the journey towards greatness has been completed.

Dreamers have to open themselves to the pain of falling short. Mediocrity is a safe place for many, but painful when you desire success, however you define it.

I’ve lived a colorful life so far. My wish is to leave this mortal plane having lived each day to its fullest and make the people around me a bit better than they were before. I hope these words resonate with you.

Author: John Locke

SEO consultant for manufacturing and industrial companies.